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Established: 2020
Industry: Banking and finance
Company size: small business (less than 50 employees)
Number of job offers: 0

We are a FIN-TECH company and one of the first Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) companies in Vietnam. We follow the extremely successful path of disruptive companies such as Afterpay or Klarna, who are already improving the life of millions of consumers worldwide while disrupting the payment, banking and financial technology industries. We aim to accelerate the advent of digital transactions in a country where more than 90% of people still pay cash. We do that by providing better fin-tech products and services to our merchants, partners and consumers.

We are a SHOPPING company with a sharp focus on a great customer shopping experience with the best payment option at low cost for our customers. 

We offer OUR CUSTOMERS (on-line and off-line shoppers) one aggregated personal digital finance management tool to monitor their purchases coming from various channels and platforms. Our solution mainly includes:

  • Better payment options (pay after delivery, divided into instalments) than classical channels (credit cards)
  • All transactions aggregated in one place via our consumer portal and mobile app
  • Low fees
  • Personal finance management tools
  • Special prices/sales and cash backs
  • Great tech with great features
  • Opportunity to digitalize and improve our customers' personal finances

We offer OUR MERCHANT PARTNERS (online merchants, retails online platforms, off-line merchants, payment gateways and e-wallets) state of the art technological tools improving their business and increasing their average basket size and helping them decrease their need for manual processing. With our solution we aim to:

  • Increase their sales and profitability 
  • Decrease number of  returns of purchased items
  • Improve customer lifetime value
  • Improve overall shopping experience for their customers and ensure higher repeated business from them
  • Faster customer checkout process in comparison to other payment options
  • Better parcel tracking systems
  • Provide state of the art technology and documentation/reporting 
  • Support them in processing more sales with reliable customer support tools 

Retailers and partners that will utilise Ree-Pay world-class shopping solutions sit at the core of our business and their successful onboarding into our easy and smooth shopping experience is crucial. 

We aim to deploy the perfect blend of business process knowledge, verticalized expertise, and technical acumen all rolled into one solution and articulated in four areas of competencies: Consulting, Solution Architecture, Project Management and Technical Excellence. 

We want to provide a reassuring and competent touch throughout the onboarding journey while also delivering high quality integrations.

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170000  Ho Chi Minh City

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