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Do you have anything to choose from?

Get more candidates thanks to
personal recommendations at JobAngels


registered angels who share the offer from JobAngels


we find a siutable candidate for every fifth published job position

100 - 10 000 €

you decide how much you are willing to pay for finding an employee

How does the remuneration work for
the accepted candidates?


You will create a job offer and set a reward for the accepted candidate


You deposit a deposit
to JobAngels in the amount of the prize


We will charge you a deposit remuneration on the starting day of the employee

We guarantee satisfaction and delight


We send 50% of the reward to our angels on the starting day of the employee. With the other half, we guarantee that if the candidate leaves the company within 6 months for any reason, we will refund 50% of the set reward.

Dobrý anjel

10% of each reward for an accepted candidate
is sent to the account of Dobrý anjel


Engage the angels community to share your job offer

We helped find successful candidates
also for these job offers

František Majtán - EURONICS TPD
Marketing Assistant EURONICS SK

ui42 digital s.r.o.
Si PPC špecialista čo má talent?

SYNERGIE Slovakia s.r.o.
Marketingový špecialista pre oblasť IT

SimpleCell Networks Slovakia, a.s.
Marketing Specialist - Copywriter & IoT Evangelist
Social Media Specialist (ŠTUDENT)

ASBIS SK, s.r.o.
Online sales & marketing analytik

Unicorn Systems SK, s.r.o.
Tester frontendovej aplikácie

VNET, a.s.
Operátor/ka technickej podpory

IB Grant Thornton Consulting k.s.
Asistent správcu počítačovej siete

Creatix Slovakia, s.r.o.
Social media špecialista

HPE Internship Program

VNET, a.s.
Office & Sales Manager

Svet zdravia, a.s.
Lekár bez špecializácie/ so špecializáciou - neurológ

Svet zdravia, a.s.
Lekár oddelenia vnútorného lekárstva

Svet zdravia, a.s.

Svet zdravia, a.s.
Lekár / lekárka bez špecializácie

Svet zdravia, a.s.
lekár bez špecializácie - všeobecná a úrazová chirurgia

Svet zdravia, a.s.
Lekár so špecializáciou/ absolvent odd. CHIR

Regal Burger, s.r.o.

Štúr s.r.o.

Regal Burger, s.r.o.
Burger majster- brigáda

Regal Burger, s.r.o.

EPIC, s.r.o.
Kuchár/ka - Medusa Group

Regal Burger, s.r.o.
stály člen tímu Regal Burger

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