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Meet a computer hiring expert - ALIS

ALIS Machine learning optimizes campaigns on social networks so that they appear to suitable - especially passive candidates.

The JobAngels Angels community will be looking for candidates for you

When looking for work, many turn to their friends. It is among them that our community of Angels works, who are financially motivated to find you the best candidate.

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We will build you the image of an attractive employer

With us, you can easily create a career subpage, which will be a clear presentation of your company, corporate culture and values. Among other things, you can:

  • add videos, photos and create photo albums
  • share articles that you have written yourself or that we will write for you (and about you)
  • add precisely targeted content to motivate candidates
  • Your employees can add feedback to the company, and much more
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    We advertise job offers on our portal and on partner websites

    Your job offer is not static. We also use cooperation with our partner websites. By sharing an offer on JobAngels, you automatically share your offer with our partners.

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