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SW Engineer (regardless of tech stack) @ Vacuumlabs s. r. o.
SW Engineer (regardless of tech stack)
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Job description

Vacuumlabs is growing (we grew from a small startup to a middle-sized company in just a few years) and we are looking for SW Engineers to join us.

We are looking for bright minds, regardless of their experience or tech stack.
We use different programming languages — from Python, Golang, Kotlin, Swift, React Native, Clojure to TypeScript (it depends on project and client), but you don’t have to have any experience with them.
Algorithmic thinking and clean code are all, we are really looking for.

When working at Vacuumlabs you can expect to:
* be given an opportunity to learn new technologies while getting paid,
* work on meaningful projects in the areas like fintech & blockchain or healthcare
* be surrounded by a bunch of talented people who welcome you as their “brother from another mother/sister from another mister”,
* have a possibility to work fully remotely 
* experience real transparency (whether it comes to salaries or information flow),
* be given the possibility of earning shares, flexible working hours, unlimited days for learning and self-development (spend them however you want), unlimited number of sick days, an extra week off around Christmas, fully paid (exceptional) overtimes, and other noteworthy benefits :)

You can find out more about us on your homepage
If you have any questions, Vacuumlabs' recruitment team is always available to answer them.

Join us and we will battle spaghetti code together!


Engineering is hard

Computer programs are the most complex things that humans make. We believe that these three essential skills are the foundation of good engineering.

Strong analytical thinking

A sound engineer can reason about the code without executing it. Writing a quality code equals the ability to prove its correctness and effectiveness beforehand.

Strong intuition

Requirements, APIs, and whole ecosystems change without a warning. Decisions need to be made with incomplete information. Best engineers are able to navigate the uncertain world of engineering with their well-trained ‘hunches’.

Simplicity mindset

Sometimes the best abstraction is no abstraction, the best library is the one you don’t use and the best test one you don’t need to write. Great engineers know that and spend more time using their brains than using their fingers.

Offered salary

1 400* - 7 000 EUR / month
*The basic wage component

Offered salary from 1400 EUR for junior SW Engineers up to 7000 EUR for senior SW Engineers.

Working environment and company culture

We’re Vacuumlabs, a design and software development partner. As highly experienced with the latest technologies across multiple industries, we are expanding at a breakneck pace.

We focus on fintech, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrencies. We are eager to improve things around us, learn new things, and innovate.

We work hard to bring the technology of the 21st century to the banking industry. Cryptocurrencies are the future, that’s why we’ve created the safest crypto wallet for the world’s 7th largest cryptocurrency — Cardano.

We are searching particularly for people, who aren’t afraid of autonomy and responsibility; colleagues who are eager to learn new things and improve at what they do.

You will have an impact. We aren’t afraid of supporting your side projects. A good example is ReactiveConf: our side project has grown into one of the top 5 tech conferences in the world in its field.


Maria Hapakova