Fast-growing Fintech & Blockchain SW development house in Europe - Vacuumlabs is looking for software enginners, as they are increasing their global presence. They asked Job Angels to research the VIETNAMESE MARKET to find the BEST SW ENGINEERS, CODERS & DEVELOPERS in Vietnam that would be willing to test themselves to see if they have what it takes to "code on the global scale" for the biggest financial institutions or for the fastest growing fintech start-ups world-wide (more about Vacuumlabs Projects). Their requirements for coding abilities are not easy, but rewards could be life changing (more about Work at Vacuumlabs). Interested? Read on how to apply.


Vacuumlabs designed 4 ROUNDS OF TESTS for their recruits world-wide (read more about the process here).

To participate in the first round, please register and apply below. You will receive a coding assignment into your email. You will have a time limit of 2 hours to complete it. Faster the better - the best of the best do Round 1 in 30-35 minutes :).

You can use ANY programming language to complete the assignment (read more here).

After finishing and submitting your work, you will be notified about your results shortly. If you are successful in Round 0, you will be contacted by Vacuumlabs with the invite for Round 1.


At the end of this section, click on APPLY HERE button. You will be re-directed to Vacuumlabs web. Please scroll down to till you see this:

After you click APPLY NOW, you will see this pop-up window:

Here type in your NAME, SURNAME and EMAIL ADDRESS.

TYPE IN THE CODE “ANGEL” with your NAME or your SURNAME. So it will look something like this: Khang Truong Ngoc ANGEL. This will help us know you are one of the Job Angels SW Engineers.

Click “send”. You will receive the assignment link into your email inbox with short introduction from Vacuumlabs. 

Find 2 hours of peaceful time and go for it!!!

Are you ready to test your self? Are you ready to see if you belong to the "special group of coders?"


TOP career benefits

  1. International work environment
  2. Interesting and inspiring projects
  3. Possibility of fast promotion

Offered salary

1 100* - 5 000 EUR / month
* based on your seniority level

Based on achieved seniority in the test