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Working environment and company culture

Spoločnosť BALANCED HR s.r.o. je personálno poradenská spoločnosť založená na znalosti trhu a dlhoročnej medzinárodnej praxi v oblastiach vyhľadávania a výberu kandidátov pre široké spektrum priemyselných odvetví (automobilový priemysel, strojárstvo, elektrotechnika, potravinárstvo,...), energetiku, obchodu, logistiky, financií, IT a telekomunikácií.
Technical Support Analyst @ BALANCED HR s.r.o.
Technical Support Analyst
Field of work Field of work
IT and telecommunications
Place Place
Employment type
Start date

Job description

  • Investigate and analyze reported user’s queries/issues/problems from external customers through to a satisfactory conclusion within the SLA’s that are specific to the customer.
  • Ensure that the recommendations/ solutions are in accordance to the Standard Operating Procedures and customer’s system design.
  • Update users/customers during the troubleshooting and lifecycle of the issue, ensuring the customer is always up-to-date.
  • Test solutions, scripts and fixes, (within parameters provided by the customer management), and co-ordinating issues with other departments.

Skills and qualification

Minimal education Minimal education
High school with leaving examination
Minimal education Minimal education
Postgraduate (Doctorate)

Other benefits

• Salary bonus: 3% of annual base salary
• Annual leave - Employees aged 32 or younger 20 days if aged 33 or older 25 days
• Voucher Gifts - 50 EUR/month (can be used for Gym)
• Ticket Restaurant Meal Vouchers - 4EUR per working day (45% company contribution / 55% employee contribution)
• Language courses - English and Slovak
• medical assistance in a private clinic will be another benefit for employees.

Offered salary

1 800* EUR / month
*The basic wage component

1800€ brutto/month



Pagáč Martin


Bratislava, Slovakia