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Jobangels Easy

Job offer with sophisticated campaign

Jobangels EASY

Have you noticed that good bidders are dwindling in the market?
On the contrary, job offers are constantly increasing. Leave the old ways to advertise and find people more efficient than your competition.

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Sophisticated campaign
Sophisticated campaign

Alis - Artificial Intelligence from JobAngels takes care of distributing your offer to Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google and hundreds of other sites (list of sites). This gives you time to focus on important things instead of following the latest trends on social networks.

Beauty and speed
Beauty and speed

Your job offer catches people by heart. Put your logo, pictures or videos into it and set your company colors - all without expensive fees, for free. You can create an offer that supports your employer brand on social networks in less than 7 minutes.

Personal recommendations
Personal recommendations

We motivate more than 2200 people from our community of angels to find your future employees . For each recruited employee, we offer the angel a financial reward, which we set and pay. You no longer pay an extra penny. All you have to do is indicate in one step which bidder you have chosen.



  • campaign offers in Google search and on social networks
  • 50 € ofEASY we invest in a campaign
  • 60 days posting
  • Increase your business awareness
  • company logo
  • CV overview
  • useful statistics
  • simple feedback to candidates
  • card payment
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Easy plus


Do you have a demanding job offer?

  • EASY basic package
  • 4 times more intensive campaign bidding
  • 200 € ofEASY PLUS we invest in a campaign
  • card or pre-invoice payment
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Do you have more jobs?

Do you have more jobs?

Contact us and we will find the best solution together.

extra service
Feedback to candidates


At JobAngels, all businesses are obliged to give feedback on whether they have accepted or rejected a candidate who applied. It is just one step that we can use to accurately measure where and how to attract more candidates for you. Each client has different needs, and if your busy time doesn't allow you to leave this simple feedback, we'll do it for you

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

"Where can I see my job offer?"
Your job will appear to relevant audiences on social networks and many websites.

"What if the job creation process is interrupted?"
The work in progress is saved and after logging in you will find it in your company dashboard.

"What does it mean that a business has a duty to give feedback?"
All companies at JobAngels give feedback on whether or not they have accepted or rejected a candidate who applied. This feature helps us more accurately measure the relevance of the bidders we see your offer to.

"Do you ask extra fees for angels rewards?"
Not. The rewards for angels are set and paid by us, JobAngels.