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Are you looking for new employees?
The demanding times require the best from HR and marketing

Address our community of angels
for sharing your job offer

registered angels, who
share job offers from
we are happy to fill in
every fifth published job position
100 - 10 000
you choose how many are you willing
to pay for occupied position

Image of your job offer matters

Our features will make you
Employer branding experts

Automatic retargeting campaigns

Job offers on JobAngels may remind themselves through retargeting campaigns. As a result, passive candidates won't forget about your offer after the first look.


Thanks to our connection to Google you may see age and gender statistics of your job offer visitors

Reading report

We will show you, where is the "crashing point" in your job offer, where candidates stop to read. You will know how many people did open your job offer and how many people did read it until the end.


Compare your results with anonymous job offers, which are the most similar to yours.


By one click you may run a targeted recruiting online campaign. Setting, managing and optimization of your campaign will be in hands of our social media marketers. You may launch campaigns from JobAngels directly to Facebook, Linkedin and Google.

Price list

In all types of subscriptions you may publish unlimited number of job offers


Publish job offers and set reward for successful hiring

50 EUR/mon.

Show functions

Adding photos and videos into job offers

Company profile on JobAngels

Informing the community of job angels about your new job offers

without support


Remind your job offers to previous visitors through an automated retargeting campaign.

100 EUR/mon.

Show functions

All in Starter and additionally

Possibility of hide an offered salary

Automatic retargeting campaign for job offers

e-mail support


The most favorite

Thanks to our most advanced and innovative instruments on the market you can get to know your job offer viewers. Find out, how much were they interested in your job offers

150 EUR/mon.

Show functions

All in Blue and additionally

Demographic statistics about candidates

Source of visits on job offers

Access to reading report

Access to benchmarks

e-mail support


Increase your job offers traffic thanks to social networks campaigns

250 EUR/mon.

Show functions

All in SIlver and additionally

Setting, management and optimization of targeted recruiting campaigns to:

phone support


Leave everything to us

start from
900 EUR/mon.

Show functions

Complete recruitment outsourced on JobAngels

The price depends on individual requirements of client

on/site support

Prices do not include VAT.

How it works

On JobAngels you may publishunlimited number of job offers for one price
You only pay for those features you really will use
Every month you canactivate or deactivate functions as you need

Is basic publication of your job offers enough for you?


Do you need to understand better, who are
your applicants and from which channels are they coming on your job offers?


Do you need to hire a candidate really quickly
and make full use of facebook?


How does rewarding work for
accepted candidates?

Create job offer
and set the reward
for hired candidate

The higher the reward, the greater
the motivation for our job angels community

You pay deposit
on JobAngels in amount
of set reward

If we won't find any
applicant, deposit will be released

In the start day of new employee
JobAngels will charge
deposit reward

Contract for angel and sending of reward
we ensure

We guarantee you satisfaction and joy

We are sending 10% of every reward (for every accepted applicant) to Dobrý Anjel (charity project)

We are sending 50% of reward to our job angels, when a hired candidate comes first day to work.

With the other half we guarantee, that if the candidate leaves your company in next six months for any reasons, we will refund your 50%.

Do you need some more help?
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CEO & Co-founder
+421 903 751 791

Jozef Porhinčák

Sales Director
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