Terms of cooperation

concluded in the sense of § 269 par. 2 of Act no. 513/1991 Coll. of the Commercial code as amended (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement")
Article 1
Contracting parties
1.1 By the Interested party we understand a company JobAngels.co, s.r.o., private limited liability company with the identification number: 47 944 129, incorporated under the laws of the Slovak Republic, registered in the Commercial Register, Section Sro, Insert No. 104443/B, maintained by the District Court Bratislava I. and having its registered office at: Černyševského 10, Bratislava-Petržalka 851 01, Slovak Republic, acting through its managing director Jozef Bardik, contact e-mail: info@jobangels.com (hereinafter referred to „The Interested party“).
1.2 By the Provider we understand a natural person or legal entity, who carries out an activity under these conditions and agrees with them (hereinafter referred to as the "The Provider").
1.3 The Interested party and the Provider may also reffer to each other either as “The Contracting party/parties” or collectively as “The Parties”.
1.4 By the Potential employer we understand a natural person or legal entity who publishes a job offer at www.jobangels.com.
1.5 This English translation of the contract is only informative. The binding version is the Slovak one.
Article 2
General provisions and subject of the Agreement
2.1 The Interested party is the operator of the website www.jobangels.com (hereinafter referred to „The Agreement“).
2.2 The subject of this Agreement is the modification or rights and obligations of the Contracting parties in their mutual cooperation consisting of sharing of job offer links published on website.
2.3 The Interested party does not carry out an activity of mediation of employment for payment under Act no. 5/2004 Collection of laws on employment services and on amendments to certain acts, as amended.
Article 3
Rights and obligations of Contracting parties
3.1 The Interested party is entitled to send information about the job offers published on the website from potential employer to the Provider.
3.2 The Provider is entitled to share links of job offers published on the website by electronic communication, in particular, but not exclusively, through social networks or through placement on the website so that these links will be accessible to a unspecified and undefined group of persons.
3.3 The Provider undertakes to comply with all legal regulations of the Slovak Republic and at the same time, so as to avoid damaging the good name of the Interested party. Otherwise, the Provider shall be liable for any damage to the Interested party.
Article 4
4.1 The Contracting parties agreed that the remuneration for the activity under Article 3 point 3.2 of this Agreement will be paid by agreement of the Contracting parties. It will be based on the evaluation of the Provider's activities towards the Interested Party and it will be evaluated by the Interested party. If the Provider recommends themselves, the Interested Party is entitled to postpone the payment or refrain from paying the reward to avoid the damage of the interests of the clients of the Interested Party.
Article 5
Duration and termination of the contract
5.1 This contract is concluded for an indefinite period of time.
5.2 The contract may be terminated by agreement between the Contracting parties.
5.3 Any party may withdraw form this Agreement without giving any reason. Withdrawal shall take effect on the date of its delivery to the other Contracting party.
Article 6
Personal data protection
6.1 If the Provider is a natural person with no business activities (hereinafter referred to as "the Person concerned"), the Interested party shall, for the purposes of registration of the Person concerned and the fulfillment of this Agreement, process the personal data of the Person concerned in the extent of: name, surname, address, phone contact, email, gender and date of birth, photograph.
6.2 The Interested party in relation to the personal data referred to in point 6.1 of this Article acts as a controller of personal data under Act no. 122/2013 Collection of laws on the Protection of Personal Data and on amendments to certain acts (hereinafter referred to as the "Personal Data Protection Act").
6.3 The Interested party is responsible for the personal data of the person concerned, so that they are not used for purposes other than the extent of the Agreement and its terms.
6.4 The Person concerned can approach Jozef Bardik at info@jobangels.com with any kind of suggestions or requests regarding the processing of personal data.
6.5 The Interested party processes the data for the purpose of fulfillment of the Agreement. To provide the data is a contractual requirement necessary to conclude the Agreement. If the Person concerned does not provide the personal data, the Agreement cannot be concluded.
6.6 The processing time is limited to the period of validity of the Agreement
6.7 The Person concerned has the right to access the data. Based on a request of the Person concerned the Interest Party will issue a statement whether the personal data of the Person concerned are being processed. If the Interested party processes the data of the Person concerned, then based on a request, the Interested Party will issue a copy the personal data of the Person concerned. For further requests of a copy, the Interested party will charge a sum corresponding to the administrative expenses arising from the issuing of a copy. If the Person concerned requests the information electronically, they will be provided in a regular electronic form, in particular, via e-mail, unless a different form of mediation is requested. If the Interested Party processes such personal data, the Person concerned has the right to access the data and receive information about the purpose of the processing, categories of the data processed, recipient identification or recipient category to whom the data were provided or shall be provided, and in particular, about recipients in third countries or an international organization and if possible, about the period of data archiving, and if not, about the criteria determining the period. The Person concerned has the right to require a correction of the personal data regarding the Person concerned, erasure or a restriction of the processing of data. The Person concerned shall be informed about the right to object to the processing of personal data and to initiate proceedings according to 6.19 about the data source if not provided by the Person concerned, shall be further informed about the automated individual decision including the profiling. In the mentioned cases the Interested party provides information about the process used, the purpose and eventual consequences of the data processing to the Person concerned.
6.8 The Person concerned has the right to have the personal data corrected in case the personal data kept by the Interested party are incorrect. The Person concerned can require a completion of the incomplete data. The Provider carries out the change or the completion of the personal data immediately and without delay.
6.9 The Person concerned has the right to have the personal data deleted, if:
  1. the personal data are no longer necessary for the fulfillment of the Agreement
  2. the Person concerned objects against the processing of data according to 6.17
  3. the processing of personal data was illegal
  4. the reason is the fulfilling of a statutory duty, a specific regulation or an international agreement which the Slovak republic is bound to.
6.10 The Person concerned will not have the right to have the personal data deleted, if the processing is needed:
  1. to exercise the right to freedom of expression and information
  2. to fulfill a statutory duty, a specific regulation or an international agreement which the Slovak republic is bound to or to fulfill a task carried out in the public interest or when exercising the public authority vested in the Interested party.
  3. for reasons of public interest in the field of public health
  4. for archiving purposes in the public interest, for the purposes of scientific or historical research, for the purposes of statistics, if the probability of disabling such purposes is high, or
  5. to demonstrate, enforce or defend one’s claims
6.11 The Interested party carries out the erasure of the personal data of the Person concerned based on a request immediately and without delay after having evaluated the request as well-founded.
6.12 The Person concerned has the right to require a restriction of the data processing if:
  1. the Person concerned challenges the validity of the personal data with an objection as indicated in 6.8
  2. the processing is illegal and the Person concerned does not require full erasure but a restriction of their use.
  3. the Interested party no longer needs the personal data for processing but the Person concerned needs them to demonstrate, exercise or defend the claims.
  4. the Person concerned objected against the processing of personal data based on a well-founded claim of the Interested party, and that applies until the moment of verification whether the justified reasons of the Interested party outweigh those the Person concerned.
6.13 In case the Person concerned required restriction of processing of the personal data, the Interested party will not carry out any processing operations, except archiving, without the consent of the Person concerned.
6.14 The Interested party will inform the Person concerned if the restriction of processing is cancelled.
6.15 The Person concerned has the right to data portability, which means to obtain the personal data provided to the Interested party and to forward them to a different provider of personal data in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format given that the personal data were retrieved based on the consent of the Person concerned or an agreement and their processing is being carried out by automated means.
6.16 The Person concerned has the right to object against the processing of data based on particular situations. The Person concerned cannot object against the processing if:
  1. the processing of personal data is essential to fulfill tasks of public interest
  2. the personal data are being processed for scientific or historical purposes or statistics purposes.
6.17 The Person concerned has the right to object against the processing of personal data for the direct marketing purposes including profiling to the extent corresponding to direct marketing. If the Person concerned objects against the processing of data for the direct marketing purposes, the Interested party can no longer process the data.
6.18 The Interested party evaluates the objection within a reasonable time. The Interested party cannot further process the personal data unless inevitable and well-founded interests for the processing of data which overweigh the rights of the Person concerned are proved and reasons to apply claims are provided.
6.19 The Person concerned has the right to initiate proceedings in the Office for Personal Data Protection of the Slovak republic when suspecting violation of the personal data.
Article 7
Common and final provisions
7.1 This English translation of the Agreement is only informative. The binding version is the Slovak one.
7.2 This Agreement enters into force and becomes effective by ticking the appropriate box when registering the Provider on the website of the Interested party.
7.3 The Interested party is entitled to amend, supplement or clarify, about which the Provider must be notified. Such amendment to the Agreement will be effective on the following day after the notice of change of the Amendment is delivered.
7.4 The rights and obligations of the Contracted parties are governed by the provisions of the Commercial Code, as amended.
7.5 The Contracted parties have agreed that notices, documents, instructions and other documents shall be deemed to have been received:
  1. when using e-mail: on the day of posting, if the message did not return as undeliverable;
  2. when personally handed in: in the moment of taking or rejecting the consignment;
  3. when delivered by a postal service or a delivery company: on the day of receiving the delivery or on the day when the postal service/delivery company returns the delivery to the sending Contracting party as unsolicited by the withdrawal period or with a notification of an unknown addressee or as an undeliverable delivery or when the consignment with a written communication is returned to the consignor for any other reason
7.6 All the facts arising out of the contractual relationship, as well as the production, technical, technological, organizational, business and other information that the Interested party provides, or makes available to the Provider, shall be considered as confidential information or subject to business secrecy if they meet the criteria set out in the Commercial Code. The Parties undertake to ensure that the confidential information and / or business secrets they entrusted and / or discovered during the course of performance of the Agreement, and which are not generally known, will not be made available to third parties or used for purposes other than implementation of this Agreement. The disclosure of information to public authorities for the purposes of law, employment, legal counsel or auditors to the extent necessary or to enforce the law is not considered infringement. The obligation to keep confidentiality under the Contracting parties relationship also applies after the termination of the Agreement.
7.7 If any of the provisions of this Agreement is, or becomes invalid, unlawful or ineffective, the Contracting Parties undertake to substitute this provision immediately with new provisions, the meaning of which will be as close as possible to the meaning and economic purpose of the replaced provision so that it may be presumed, that the parties would have used it if they had known about the invalidity, illegality or ineffectiveness of the provision replaced. Invalidity, illegality or ineffectiveness of the provisions of the Agreement will not affect the other provisions of this Agreement, and this Agreement will be interpreted as if it never encompassed any invalid, unlawful or ineffective provisions.
7.8 The parties declare that they are eligible for legal acts, the manifestation of their will is free and serious, certain and comprehensible and is fully consistent with the content of this Agreement.

JobAngels.co, s.r.o.
Bratislava, the 25th of May 2018